Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lately I've had a ton of crafts and sewing ideas in my head. Especially lots of summer shirts for Chess, oh, and coordinating Easter dresses for the girls (I'm really excited about that one). I haven't had much time to get to them yet, but here are some things I've done in the past couple of months.

wall hangings in Lera's room

close-up of the owl

bow holder

before - $2.50 step stool from Target

after - a little mod podge and scrapbook paper, and a lot cuter

Valentine's Day wreath - I took a styrofoam heart, covered it in pink fabric, wrapped it in red lace, and hung it with a frayed fabric bow.

Chess likes it.

This is the before picture of something I'm in the process of making...play make-up! I'm cleaning out my old make-up containers, and filling them with nail polish. When it dries hard, Chess can pretend to put make-up on and not make a mess!

Most of these ideas came from some creative people I came across on that magical place called...the internet. I stored the ideas in my brain, so I'm sorry I don't have links back to the people. I don't think any of them will see my blog, but if they do, sorry creative people!


www.sweetcheeks676.blogspot.com said...

What fun ideas. I especially love the stool. What a fun way to really jazz it up. I'm going to have to give that one a try.

I like the makeup ideas as well however, my girls seem to have bypassed the play makeup and moved right on to using mine. :)

Clint and Mary said...

Yay....I love seeing your craftiness! I think the play make-up is sooo fun! Every time I look at your girl stuff...it makes me want one:( And its better and better everytime........My eyes were crossed for that last line.

Laura said...

I love the make-up idea. I'll have to do that for Charlotte.

Bowman Family said...

These are all such cute ideas. You should put them on the other blog. I love the wall hangings and have been looking at something to do for Oliver so I might have to get some boy ideas from you.