Friday, February 26, 2010

The Library

We have recently discovered that our library offers some pretty neat story times for kids. I was always afraid to take Chess b/c she might disrupt everyone, but this story time is specifically for toddlers under 3 years old. We have been going every week and having a good time.

waiting for the songs and stories to start

They have a little play time with different activities - this day was bubbles, obviously.

We usually read a few books afterwards.

One day Spot came. Chess was a little cautious at first.

But then she gave him a big hug.


Bowman Family said...

How fun. I am going to have to join you. Ava would love that. When is it?

Clint and Mary said...

So cute! Chess looks really tall? I guess she always has been though..just seems even taller!

Mary said...

That looks like a fun story time! Let me just say, if you are worried that Chess will disrupt, i must be crazy that i take Jack to story time. I cant remember how many times, at least 7, no joke, that I had to leave in the middle of story time because Jack was not listening, or throwing some fit! And as i am leaving, he is screaming and yelling. Yes, we get lots of looks. so embarrasing!! It looks like Chess is really having fun.
I dont know if you have a Michaels crafts by you, but they have free crafts every so often, and we have had fun going to that.

Brittney said...

Which library do you go to? We are thinking of hitting the Buford one tomorrow at 11:30. Maybe we'll see you there. :)