Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 Months Old

Lera is now about 4.5 months old. She is chewing on her hands and everything else she can get into her mouth, except a pacifier or a bottle. We have tried to stick both of those things in her mouth several times, but she rejects them each time. She is sleeping....okay. Her naps are short and she still wakes up a couple of times a night (Chess was the same way). She loves her sister, being tickled, taking baths, and being talked to. Here are some pictures and her 4 month stats:

height: 26 inches
weight: 16 lbs
head: 16.5 inches

note - These are almost identical to Chess's 4 month stats, seen here.


The Saxton's said...

Stats may be almost identical, but they look so different! Even just in bodily composition. Chess's face was so much chubbier!

libbysupermom said...

She is a sweetheart!! So beautiful, healthy and happy!!!! That is my only wish for my girls and their families!!!!

Jeff and Kandis said...

Your girls are so cute!!