Monday, March 1, 2010

What's wrong with these two pictures?

Why do baby toys seem so much more fun when you're not a baby anymore?

Whenever we put Lera on her tummy to do tummy time, Chess often hears me and Jared saying, “Good job, Lera.” So it didn't surprise me when she said the same thing to Lera when Lera was on her tummy one day. But what was really funny was when Chess crawled onto Lera's green jungle play mat, laid on her tummy, and said, “Good job, Chess.” Funny girl.


Whitmire Family said...

I really did LOL at that!

Mary said...

So funny and so true!! We had two bouncer chairs, one for jack and one for audrey!

Bowman Family said...

It is so true. My kids did the same thing. By the way you did a great job in church yesterday, I really enjoyed your talk.