Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fly-In Air Show

We recently went to a little airport for a fly-in air show, which means the planes are all there for you to look at, but there are no flying tricks to watch in the sky. Does that make sense? I've only ever been to one air show before, but Jared loves them, so I think I will see a lot more in the future. He used to go all the time as a kid. We had a fun time at this one.

The Black Hawk helicopter you could sit in.

It made Chess a little nervous.

Lera, on the other hand, was chewing on her hands because she was teething, not because she was nervous.

Then, when I took Chess out, she wanted back in.

What good is a runway if you can't run on it?

In front of the firetruck.

Chess did not want to sit in the firetruck.

Jared liked this little, orange airplane.

Lera, eating her breakfast.

Any event is better with a jump-house.

My favorite.


isaacsmith77 said...

The little orange one is a Sonex. The Sonex is quite the little airplain. I like that one too. Aviation Rocks!

afonit said...

isaac - yes it is a Sonex Waiex, it has a 120 Hp engine in it and the guy noted it took him 2000 hours to build. His cruise speed is 150 mph.

Isaac said...

Ah, I didn't notice the v tail. I just looked it up online. That is cool looking. I didn't know they had a couple of new designs.