Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Independence Day

Chess helped me make this patriotic banner.

Yummy pancake breakfast with our ward (church) at the park on Saturday.

Lera, kicked back in the stroller.

Watching the kids' parade of bikes and scooters.

Lera was chewing on her thumb constantly for about a week b/c her first tooth was coming in.

Playing in her new 4th of July dress I made her.

Lera's 4th of July outfit. Chess wore the same one her first Independence Day. She was less than three months old, so it was a bit big on her.

My darling babies.

Walking to see the fireworks.

We've got a great spot.


Our sister-in-law, Lorraine, with Lera.

Family shot.

Thanks for the glow-jewelry, Mimi!

Proud Poppy.

Awesome grandparents.

So happy.

First sparkler ever.

She held it still the whole time.

Self-portrait: watching the show. Lera enjoyed it, although she was exhausted.

Chess was startled at first and said, "Fireworks loud." Then, she got used to them and relaxed, so much that she almost fell asleep in her Daddy's lap. In the end, I think she liked the fireworks, because along with saying they were loud for days to come, she also said, "Fireworks pretty."

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libbysupermom said...

That was a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th!!! I love my sweet family!!! I love being a grandparent to the best grand-children ever!!! :)