Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day and SNOW

Our family Christmas feast.

Waiting to watch the program.

The Thompson family's first time doing the nativity story.  We used felt puppets I made.

Alison loves Jared. :)

Snow!  Georgia's first white Christmas since 1881.

Chess loved every minute of it.

This is Sunday morning.  Lera loves to share Jared's cereal (yes, he eats cereal out of a cup).  I love the white snow outside.

Baby, it's cold outside!

Look at that happy face!  Jared was pulling Chess on the sled (bought at a yard sale for $1 - boy, did it come in handy).

Oops...she crashed.  She was going really fast.  Her face got scratched up, but she is pretty tough.

Family photo - Chess is still a little upset about crashing.  The hot chocolate she got when we went inside cheered her back up.

Hot chocolate and mega block break.  Daddy's tower is tall.

Back outside for a little more play time.  We built a mini snowman.

Momma's snow castle.

Merry Christmas!

The end.

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