Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saint Nick

We went to Bass Pro Shop again to see Santa.  I think he is such a good Santa, plus they let you take all the pictures and video you want.

We started out looking at the fish.

They also have a lot of things to keep you entertained while you wait to see Santa.

Here we are on the red carpet.  It's almost our turn to sit in Santa's lap.

Lera screamed and clung to her cracker cup for dear life.

After they snapped the pic, they said, "You can take the little one now."  So I did, and Santa talked to Chess for a little bit.

Merry Christmas!

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libbysupermom said...

Me and dad love the pics!!! They are so cute!! Chess is very brave with Santa, just like you were when you were little. Lera on the other hand is a lot like Amy was with Santa! So precious!!! Love it!!! Thanks for the smiles!!! We love you and your sweet family!! :)