Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Notice, there are no ornaments on the bottom half of the tree.

Here they come!

These See's chocolate suckers were the hit of the morning.  Once the girls dug them out of their stockings, there was nothing else that could get their attention.  It took Lera FOREVER to eat hers, so I let her out of her highchair - that was a mistake.  I was basically following her around with a rag, wiping chocolate off everything she touched.

This picture is hilarious to me.  Lera did NOT want to sit for a picture.  I'm pointing to get her to look at the camera.  Chess is sucking on Lera's sucker.  Sneaky girl.

Yep.  Lera got strapped back in so I could relax.  Did I say that the sucker lasted FOREVER?  It did.  She sure had a good time finishing it off, though.

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